... will be translated one day.

Here are some documents we wrote. Some of them are in german, but they'll get translated as soon as possible. Non-german readers are highly encouraged to look at all the beautiful pictures inside! If you have a question, just mail one of us.

Title Author(s) Document Notes
Face Recognition with OpenCV2 Philipp Wagner PDF (GNU Octave/MATLAB version, English The kind of guide I've wished for, when I was working myself into face recognition. Helps you with installing OpenCV2 and building projects on Windows and Linux. The Eigenfaces and Fisherfaces method are explained and implemented with Python, GNU Octave/MATLAB and OpenCV's C++ API. Sourcecode and latest revision available at
PDF (Python version, English)
Statistical Machine Learning with OpenCV Philipp Wagner (but thanks to Filip for his amazing inkscape skills!) PDF (English) Is an introduction into statistical machine learning with OpenCV. It contains a guide for setting up OpenCV on Windows and Linux. A brief introduction and code for Support Vector Machines and Multilayer Perceptrons is given. Good to get started with OpenCV and its Machine Learning library!
Einfuehrung in MapReduce Filip Martinovský, Philipp Wagner, Stefan Heinze PDF (German) Is an introduction to MapReduce and gives some ideas on how to implement it in Erlang.
Distributed Hash Tables Filip Martinovský, Philipp Wagner PDF (German) Reads like a tutorial on how to implement distributed hash tables. Chord, a protocol for distributed hash tables, is described and implemented in Erlang.
Gesichtserkennung mit Eigenfaces Filip Martinovský, Philipp Wagner PDF (German) Explains face recognition with Eigenfaces. Shows the performance of a prototype on two datasets (Yale Facedatabase A, AT&T Dataset).
XML Processing in Scheme Filip Martinovský, Philipp Wagner PDF (English) Explains Xml processing in Scheme: SXML. Rather old.
XML Verarbeitung in Scheme PDF (German)